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Sakkoya leads in robust database management, ensuring unwavering reliability. Backed by personalized service, meticulous planning, and a global vision, Sakkoya offers superior solutions that deliver. Elevate your database experience with Sakkoya’s innovative approach and steadfast commitment to your database administration (DBA) needs.

About Us

Sakkoya is a leading company in the field of database management. We understand the importance of a functional, stable, and fully supported database, and have aptly named our company in this same spirit of strength, stability, and reliability. The name Sakkoya is derived from the world’s largest and tallest tree—the Giant Californian Sequoia. Like a sequoia, Sakkoya is deeply rooted and far-reaching. With us, your database will always be supported, grounded, and running through thick and thin.

Sakkoya is aligned with a philosophy of reliability and professionalism. Founded in January 2017 by a highly accomplished expert with over thirteen years of experience in database administration, Chezi Shpaisman envisioned a new approach to delivering database services meant to surpass the level of customer service provided by even the most established industry professionals. Every client at Sakkoya receives personalized attention and support because we at Sakkoya understand that exceptional customer service is as important as technical proficiency. Sakkoya will always be available to help you and offer unique, effective, and creative solutions to your problems.

Each client case is evaluated comprehensively. This begins with a preliminary analysis of your database and a mapping of the database’s weak points. Once analyzed, detailed reports are carefully constructed to suit your specific wants and needs. Our team then investigates the final report and arranges a meeting with you to address your options and provide you with a fully reliable with a fully reliable strategy for pristine DBA implementation and management. We ensure that these meetings are to-the-point, painless, and direct. Once the message is clear, the plan is implemented and you—the client—receive full 24/7 support and assistance. We will always be here for you, available to assist with every DBA need that comes your way.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to give our clients peace of mind by providing exceptional and professional DBA services in the best, most sincere, professional, and accessible way. Our maxim is: customer first, excellence, teamwork, and a winning spirit!

We believe in a “First Time Right” philosophy. This means that 70% of our work is dedicated to planning out an airtight strategy for our clients, while 30% of our work is dedicated to the project’s seamless execution. Careful planning is one of the most important parts of envisioning the future because it avoids all kinds of problems and pitfalls in advance, saving our clients time, money, and energy. Once a project plan is complete, we always confirm with the client to make sure that they are happy and in agreeance before implementing the project.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to continue creating seamless and efficient experiences for our clients by ensuring the highest quality database support. Behind this promise resides the database administrator.

The DBA is responsible for every possible aspect of the database, including backups, optimizing search terms, and maintenance. Because of the DBA’s central role in our company’s philosophy, our mission to ensure quality is also an implicit promise to provide clients with the best possible DBAs available.

We Make Our Clients’ Businesses Prosper Through Careful Planning, infinite knowledge in the SQL field, and superb support through every hurdle.

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Our Core Values:

At Sakkoya, we uphold five fundamental core values that shape and define our purpose and objective.

  • Customers Come First: Our clients are at the forefront of our focus and are the driving force behind our business growth. We prioritize every action we take to align with our clients’ goals and go to great lengths to help them achieve peace of mind.
  • First Time Right: Our “get it right on the first time” philosophy. We firmly believe in meticulous planning, which consists of 70% of our work, while the remaining 30% of our work consists of execution. This value is not merely a slogan; it is the actual modus operandi we follow. By investing substantial time in the planning phase, we deliver the best, most precise, and optimal solutions that guarantee excellence and exceptional performance (database wise) for our clients.
  • Excellence: We are committed to offering cutting-edge technology and delivering services of the highest quality. The objective of this core value is to ensure that we consistently meet our clients’ technological and business requirements by having our DBA team oversee the database at all times, ensuring that your databases are fully optimized and fast, stabile, secure, and accessible for optimal data implementation, search, and retrieval.
  • Teamwork: It’s important to us to foster a culture of teamwork both within Sakkoya and between Sakkoya and the client. We provide personalized guidance and tailored solutions to the unique needs of our clients. By choosing our DBA teams based on the unique case of each client, we ensure that the best services and planning are selected for in order to serve the client to their fullest potential.
  • Winning Spirit: We embrace a winning spirit and firmly believe that every problem has a solution. By thinking outside the box and constantly innovating, we approach challenges with creative solutions. Our goal is to achieve our customers’ objectives without compromise. We are always striving for your success.

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