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In this age of high technology, a maintained & efficiently operated Data Base, is a condition for business continuity, development, and growth of any company, regardless of its size and/or activity field.SAKKOYA was established with the main goal of providing its customers with the most professional and accurate data management solution.SAKKOYA specializes in providing a service based on in-depth analysis, understanding the customer's needs and matching the exact and correct solution.

Our Values


80% planning and 20% execution

Customer First

Availability, flexibility, and attention to customer needs


We never underestimate teamwork, personal support, and high availability to the customer

Winning Spirit

Every Problem has a solution - thinking creatively outside the box while taking the initiative to achieve the client's goals, with zero compromise


High Performance Maintenance
Backup Management
Databases Consolidation for Licensing and Low Resource Cost
Design and Implementation of HA Arrays for Business Continuity & Data (Survivability)
Power BI
Database Developers Support
Architecture of Databases for New Systems
Implementation and Planning of Mobility / Data Optimization Processes
Cloud-based Monitoring Service
Customized Training Per Customer’s Needs

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