Ensure the Security and Continuity of Your Critical Data with Sakkoya's High Availability Solutions

We implement redundancy measures and maintain servers in distinct physical locations, providing a robust defense against infrastructure malfunctions and potential cyber threats.

SQL Server High Availability with Sakkoya

Our team of experts creates and implements tailored strategies for dependable data access and integrity.

  • Our team of experts creates and implements tailored strategies for dependable data access and integrity.
  • With a demonstrated history of applying high availability solutions in the past, we promise to fortify your data against potential disturbances, keeping it secure and accessible.
  • Our specialists commit to ongoing backup and synchronization, elevating both redundancy and operational efficiency.
  • Around-the-clock availability for immediate issue resolution.
  • We collaborate closely with you throughout the process to guarantee a smooth rollout.

SQL Server High Availability Key Services

Failover Clustering

Failover clustering involves grouping multiple SQL Server instances on different servers into a single virtual server. If one server fails, the SQL Server instance fails over to another server, ensuring continuous availability.

Database Mirroring

Database mirroring creates and maintains an exact copy of a database on a secondary server. If the primary database fails, the system automatically switches to the mirrored database, reducing downtime.

AlwaysOn Availability Groups

AlwaysOn Availability Groups provide a high-level solution for HA and disaster recovery. It allows you to group multiple databases that are replicated together, ensuring that all databases in the group failover together, maintaining data integrity.

Log Shipping

Log shipping involves automatically sending transaction log backups from a primary database on a primary server to one or more secondary databases on separate servers. In case of a primary database failure, one of the secondary databases can be brought online with minimal data loss.


SQL Server replication allows you to distribute data from one database to another. This can be particularly useful in scenarios where you need to distribute data across multiple locations for load balancing or reporting purposes.

Understanding SQL Server High Availability

At Sakkoya, we recognize that high availability and all that it entails (setting up, backing up, and maintaining a server) is crucial for the safety and accessibility of your data. We strongly believe that understanding the following principles is essential when approaching high availability problems:

1. Redundant Server Setup: We excel at configuring and maintaining servers in at least two distinct physical locations, ensuring your data remains secure and accessible even in the face of infrastructure challenges.

2. Constant Synchronization: Our software implementation guarantees uninterrupted synchronization across two separate servers, providing an added layer of security and reliability. Our DBAs oversee all elements of this process to ensure the security and continuity of your data.

3. Tailored Solutions Just for You: We offer a range of high availability solutions specialized to suit your needs. This could include choosing the location of your server, issues concerning types of security, and other high availability related matters.


Our distinguishing factor lies in our steadfast dedication to providing top-notch customer support and maintaining a high level of professionalism at every stage of your experience. In the realm of high availability solutions, our flexibility and accessibility stand unparalleled. We recognize the significance of individualized care, aiming to simplify data management. Nurturing a robust customer rapport is the cornerstone of our achievements.

Commencing our process with a thorough assessment of your data requirements, we subsequently furnish you with customized reports. We engage in targeted, clear-cut discussions to explore your alternatives, and from there, we move forward with execution, extending around-the-clock support and aid.

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Why is High Availability important in high tech?

High Availability involves setting up and maintaining redundant servers in at least two distinct physical locations. This acts as a safeguard against infrastructure malfunctions, ensuring fast responses from different places, seamless data synchronization, and robust security. Setting up high availability infrastructure is like buying a security system for your data: it provides you with a critical defense against data loss.

Why does excellent customer support matter when it comes to high availability solutions?

Excellent customer support is crucial for high availability solutions as it ensures rapid assistance during critical situations. Timely response and effective problem resolution build trust and confidence in the reliability of the service, ultimately enhancing the client’s experience and satisfaction in safeguarding their data.

How do we ensure the best high availability experience for our clients?

To deliver the best assurance of high availability, we prioritize the customer’s needs and support a user-centered approach. We thoroughly understand your data security situation, providing tailored solutions just for you. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures a smooth experience, and we offer continuous optimization for reliable data accessibility. As always, we at Sakkoya promise database durability and reliability that go hand-in-hand with customer support. 

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During my career, I have experienced a variety of companies that provide services in the technological regime in general, and the data in particular The main reasons I chose Sakkoya (beyond uncompromising professionalism) are service, availability, maximum time utilization and above all – dedication to my success as a customer, a proven choice – every time anew.



Sakkoya consistently demonstrates exceptional professionalism in every task they undertake. Their profound and extensive understanding of SQL Server is not just impressive, but truly admirable. While Sakkoya is officially a service provider, I have always regarded them as an integral part of my team, reflecting the seamless collaboration we experience. Beyond their technical prowess, it’s their unwavering commitment and dedication that truly sets them apart. Their ability to adapt to new challenges and provide innovative solutions is remarkable, ensuring that they are not just a service provider, but a valuable and trusted partner in our endeavors. This enduring partnership is a testament to their excellence and the high standards they maintain in their work


Altshuler Shaham

Sakkoya has been accompanying Altshuler Shaham for many years. The availability and expertise of the team, and particularly that of Chezi, are noteworthy. We have used the company’s services for developer training as well as for troubleshooting, and they have executed these tasks with exceptional skill and service quality.


DavidShield Group

As the VP of Development in the Group, it is important for me to maintain an up-to-date technological level and to ensure that the development teams are as updated as possible in the technological aspect. I chose Sakkoya for the training of the development team as I familiar with the company professionalism, the attention to relevant content, its personal engagement to our success and the awareness that the development teams will gain all the knowledge required to develop professionally and maintain the latest technology in our company.



Symcotech has known the founder for over a decade. During this period, we have jointly developed systems for the largest public transportation operators in the country. Some of these systems handle millions of transactions per month. Additionally, Sakkoya provides ongoing support, consultancy, and maintenance for several critical systems. The level of service and professionalism from Sakkoya is exceptionally high, and we are fully satisfied with their performance.



As a fast-growing performance company, we also have the need for external data services.
Sakkoya, apart from technological professionalism, listening to our needs as a customer and thinking together for our benefit, proves its high availability, which is the essence of a dynamic company like Webpals.


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