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Extract, transform, and load! Unlock the full potential of your information retrieval and management with Sakkoya’s elite ETL services. We provide top-tier solutions and customer support to help you fully collect and use the data you need!

• Our team of specialists design and execute custom solutions for SQL environments, to match your specific data needs
• We have a proven track record of delivering seamless data integration, making your data retrieval quicker, more accessible, and efficient
• 24/7 on-call support to quickly help you solve every obstacle that comes your way challenges
• Our ETL experts ensure data accuracy, security, and optimal performance throughout the process
• We collaborate closely with you at every stage to ensure we get it right from the start

At Sakkoya, we understand that successful data management is not just about ETL (extract, transfer, load); it’s about transforming and simplifying your data landscape. Our ETL services encompass three core principles:

Efficient Data Transfer

We excel at transferring data seamlessly between branches, countries, data sources, and databases, ensuring accuracy and security.

Best Data Organization Practices

Our team develops a strategy that aligns with your business needs, while guaranteeing categorization and data tagging for easy access and retrieval.

Seamless Data Accessibility

We construct databases that synchronize data between various instruments, servers, and sources, making data retrieval quick and easy.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to customer support and professionalism throughout your journey. Our flexibility and availability are unmatched in the field of ETL services, specifically tailored for SQL environment. We understand the importance of personalized attention, making data management less intimidating. Building a strong customer relationship is our path to success.
Our process starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your data needs, followed by tailored reports. We engage in focused, straightforward meetings to discuss your options, and then proceed with implementation, offering 24/7 support and assistance. Once the process is complete, we’ll keep maintaining the database as needed, to ensure quick and optimal performance 24/7.

Here at Sakkoya, we guarantee seamless data distribution and retrieval thanks to SQL expertise based on years of experience, and constant availability and support. Start your ETL journey with Sakkoya now!



During my career, I have experienced a variety of companies that provide services in the technological regime in general, and the data in particular The main reasons I chose Sakkoya (beyond uncompromising professionalism) are service, availability, maximum time utilization and above all – dedication to my success as a customer, a proven choice – every time anew.



Sakkoya consistently demonstrates exceptional professionalism in every task they undertake. Their profound and extensive understanding of SQL Server is not just impressive, but truly admirable. While Sakkoya is officially a service provider, I have always regarded them as an integral part of my team, reflecting the seamless collaboration we experience. Beyond their technical prowess, it’s their unwavering commitment and dedication that truly sets them apart. Their ability to adapt to new challenges and provide innovative solutions is remarkable, ensuring that they are not just a service provider, but a valuable and trusted partner in our endeavors. This enduring partnership is a testament to their excellence and the high standards they maintain in their work


Altshuler Shaham

Sakkoya has been accompanying Altshuler Shaham for many years. The availability and expertise of the team, and particularly that of Chezi, are noteworthy. We have used the company’s services for developer training as well as for troubleshooting, and they have executed these tasks with exceptional skill and service quality.


DavidShield Group

As the VP of Development in the Group, it is important for me to maintain an up-to-date technological level and to ensure that the development teams are as updated as possible in the technological aspect. I chose Sakkoya for the training of the development team as I familiar with the company professionalism, the attention to relevant content, its personal engagement to our success and the awareness that the development teams will gain all the knowledge required to develop professionally and maintain the latest technology in our company.



Symcotech has known the founder for over a decade. During this period, we have jointly developed systems for the largest public transportation operators in the country. Some of these systems handle millions of transactions per month. Additionally, Sakkoya provides ongoing support, consultancy, and maintenance for several critical systems. The level of service and professionalism from Sakkoya is exceptionally high, and we are fully satisfied with their performance.



As a fast-growing performance company, we also have the need for external data services.
Sakkoya, apart from technological professionalism, listening to our needs as a customer and thinking together for our benefit, proves its high availability, which is the essence of a dynamic company like Webpals.


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What is ETL, and why is it important?

ETL, which stands for Extract, Transform, Load, is a vital process in modern data management. It involves:
Extracting data from various sources, including branches, countries, data sources, and databases.
Transforming the data to enhance its organization, categorization, and accessibility.
Loading the transformed data into databases, making it readily available for quick and efficient retrieval.

Why does excellent customer support matter?

Exceptional customer support is essential because it ensures client satisfaction by addressing their needs promptly and effectively. It builds trust and loyalty, enhances a company’s reputation, and sets it apart from competitors. Outstanding support leads to better problem resolution, increased customer retention, and valuable feedback for continuous improvement. It fosters strong customer relationships, contributing to long-term business success.

How do we ensure the best ETL experience for our clients?

To deliver the best ETL experience, we prioritize customer support and a user-centered approach. We thoroughly understand your data needs and preferences, providing tailored ETL solutions. Our streamlined onboarding process ensures a smooth experience, and we offer continuous optimization for fast, reliable data processing. Personalization options are available to meet your unique requirements.

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